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Welcome to Otermans Institute's free 'lockdown' Self Development Program

Up-skill yourself during the lockdown

The 'lockdown' caused the by COVID-19 outbreak has paused a lot of our daily work and activities. People are stranded from their families, their work and training routines which can also affect their mental wellbeing. We at Otermans Institute have decided to give some of our training out for free to people around the world, so that they can make the most out of their time under 'lockdown' and become better trained and more informed. So please share this far and wide, as together we can come out of this unscathed and spend this time upskilling ourselves collectively.

Words from our founders
  • "Lifelong training and learning is part of our vision at Otermans Institute. Since we cannot physically train you during the COVID-19 situation, we have decided to send you a range of short lessons that you can learn yourselves at home and make the most of your time under the 'lockdown'. Hope to see you all soon!"

    - Dr Pauldy Otermans (Chair and Principal)

  • "Everyone has something to share with the world and everyone deserves to learn no matter what the circumstances. Here is our attempt to provide free learning to the world on topics we specialise in, to encourage positive development among society and support mental wellbeing."

    - Dev Aditya (Managing Director)

Our job is obvious: we need to get out of the way, shine a light, and empower a new generation to teach itself and to go further and faster than any generation ever has."

- Seth W Godin

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